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Our leader attended the “Heart to Heart” theme activities held by JIAOZHOU Chili Chamber and commerce on JUN.2018.
时间:2018-09-14 14:16:19
 As a member of Qingdao/Jiaozhou Chili Chamber of commerce, our company’s leader Ms. Guo attended the "heart to heart" series of activities held by the association on June 15, 2018.
 The main purpose of this activity is to help families in difficulties overcome difficulties, carry forward traditional Chinese virtues. Our company's leaders actively participate in social public welfare activities, we prove the truth "Only a company that has well performed its social responsibilities can win extensive attention from the society and public praise" with action. The enterprises with a sense of social responsibility can make their employees feel strong loyalty and sense of responsibility, and contribute their passion and creativity to promote the development of enterprises.