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2018 New crop Chinese Paprika pod is coming soon.
时间:2018-09-14 14:17:54
 2018 New crop Chinese Paprika pod is coming soon. How does this new crop paprika grow? What about its quality and yield?It affects the heart of every one in paprika industry. August is the key time for the growth of xinjiang sweet Paprika, Our President Mr.Wang and ourchase director MS.GUO personally came to the production region. They seriously inspected many leading planting area, including BOHU, YANQI,HESHUO county. We talked to the local farmers personally.
At present, Xinjiang sweet paprika is growing alright, the pod is in the mature period. Some of the pepper has turned red.In about 20 days, a portion of the new crop can be picked.Hoping for a persistent nice weather, we are looking forward to see the red world full of paprika
Pods on GEBI desert.