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“Heart to Heart” Theme events
时间:2018-09-14 14:17:18
“Heart to Heart” Theme events
held by Jiaozhou Chili chamber of Commerce
Recently, In order to improve excellent entrepreneur spirit and enhance team cohesion, the CHILI industry chamber of commerce (association) of jiaozhou city, Qingdao, organized all members to carry out "heart to heart" theme series activities. More than 120 members from 8 teams participated in the activities.During the activity, members visited 14 families in 9 villages and donate 30,500 yuan of the bare necessities of life, including rice, oil and milk, worth nearly 10,000 yuan.
The chairman of association Wang yong said, the association will continue to follow the municipal party committee, continuously strengthen team construction, strengthen the management of the chamber of commerce, improve the chamber of commerce to promote member enterprises to develop and grow. 

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